For Jamaican not-for-profit organizations, volunteers are a vital source of support. Volunteers provide a wide range of services, from event planning to marketing and outreach. Without volunteers, many organizations would struggle to meet their goals. Therefore, it is important for organizations to develop strategies for attracting and retaining volunteers whom will perform any, or all of the following tasks:

  • Promote the organization’s mission, services, and activities.
  • Participate in organization-sponsored events and activities.
  • Act as a spokesperson and represent the organization in the community.
  • Assist with fundraising initiatives and campaigns.
  • Develop and implement educational programs and workshops.
  • Recruit and train new volunteers and interns.
  • Create and maintain relationships with local businesses and organizations.
  • Gather and analyze data related to the organization’s services and activities.
  • Update the organization’s website and social media accounts.
  • Propose creative ideas for expanding the organization’s reach and programs.


One of the most important strategies for attracting volunteers is to create an engaging and rewarding volunteer experience. Organizations should strive to create a culture of collaboration and recognition, where volunteers feel valued and appreciated. This can include offering incentives, such as discounts and free merchandise, as well as providing recognition for exceptional performance.

Additional strategies may include:

  • Provide a certificate of appreciation
  • Give a gift card
  • Have a special recognition ceremony
  • Give a plaque or trophy
  • Offer a free lunch
  • Give a free t-shirt
  • Offer a discount on services
  • Give a free movie ticket
  • Acknowledge their efforts publicly
  • Provide a care package with snacks and treats
  • Give a small cash bonus
  • Post their photo in a special area
  • Offer a free membership or subscription
  • Give a special badge or pin
  • Provide a day of pampering
  • Allow them to choose a charity to donate to
  • Give them a special parking spot
  • Provide an extra day off
  • Take them out to dinner
  • Allow them to pick an item from the company store

Another important strategy for attracting volunteers is to create opportunities for meaningful engagement. Organizations should strive to create meaningful opportunities for volunteers to make an impact, such as organizing events or leading campaigns. By offering meaningful opportunities, organizations can attract and retain more volunteers.


It is important for organizations to be visible in the community. By raising awareness, not-for-profit organizations, can generate more interest and attract more volunteers. This can include hosting and attending community events, hosting volunteer days, and utilizing social media as well as the following:

  • Advertising in local media outlets; 
  • Creating an online presence (including social media);
  • Developing relationships with local businesses; 
  • Offering volunteering opportunities; 
  • Offering educational seminars; 
  • Organizing volunteer campaigns; 
  • Networking with local stakeholders.

By developing innovative strategies for attracting volunteers, Jamaican not-for-profit organizations can increase their impact and achieve their goals. Creating an engaging and rewarding volunteer experience, creating opportunities for meaningful engagement, and increasing visibility in the community can help organizations attract and retain more volunteers.

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Posted March 09, 2023
Rewards View Monetize Tip
Posted March 09, 2023
Rewards View Monetize Tip
Posted March 09, 2023

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