“Phases: My Story... As I Remember!”: Is an uplifting story of a woman’s pursuit of fulfillment. “Phases: My Story... As I Remember!” is the creation of published author Winsome Bancroft, who was born in Jamaica, West Indies, and migrated to the United States in 1979 after graduating high school.

She is married to a Barbadian, whom she met while participating in a choir festival about fourteen years ago, and is the mother of two adults and has three grandchildren. Winsome is a “people’s person” and an advocate for youth development, where she empowers them to achieve their highest potential. Her hobbies include talking to strangers, cooking, and singing in the choir. She graduated from Lehman College, where she received her BA in sociology, and is also a Licensed Insurance Agent in New York State. Her ambition is to own a business in personal consulting.

Bancroft shares, “Phases is a compilation of events in chronological order as to my life from a child “as I remember” through maturity. It highlights incidences that were very dear to me which impacted my development as a young woman struggling to find her way as a mother to her two children—the arousing relationships and her dire dream of becoming a college graduate, which she did at fifty-five years, even graduating with a 3.0-plus average! Featured also is her new life in Barbados where she resided for four years.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Winsome Bancroft’s new book provides a unique and engaging memoir for the enjoyment of readers of any background.

Bancroft shares in hopes of offering inspiration through her thoughtful and reflective work.

Consumers can purchase “Phases: My Story... As I Remember!” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “Phases: My Story... As I Remember!,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.


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