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One Laptop or Tablet Per Child Initiative” is designed to promote inclusivity in the education sector. In this regard, it aims to provide needy students with the requisite tools to function in the online teaching and learning environment. This includes ensuring equity in access to Information Communication Technology (ICT) based learning.

The provision of assistance to all students is critical for them to be seamlessly integrated into their learning environment. To facilitate equity in access to ICT, laptops and tablets are required for an estimated 100,000 needy students.

The Government of Jamaica (GoJ) is currently providing an estimated 148,000 students on the Programme for Advancement through Heath and Education (PATH) with devices.

However, an additional estimated 100,000 students still require laptops or tablets to effectively participate in electronic learning. These students are not on PATH but are considered needy and vulnerable as we risk leaving them behind academically.

To ensure that no child is left behind, the “One Laptop or Tablet Per Child Initiative” was developed and its seeks to engage stakeholders in partnerships to assist with the provision of appropriate devices.

Through partnership with the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information (MoEYI), National Education Trust Limited (NET), Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), Jamaica Social Stock Exchange (JSSE), NCB Foundation and Junior Achievement Jamaica the “One Laptop or Tablet Per Child Initiative” is being executed under the umbrella of “Connect A Child JA”.

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