Ventilator Covid-19 Relief Fund

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Ventilators are must have instruments for the treatment of advanced stages of COVID-19 infections. Unfortunately, there is a local and global shortage of this device and several efforts are being implemented to fabricate new units. There are, however, many defective units distributed within our local hospitals, many of which are salvageable.

The Mona-Tech Engineering Services Limited has offered its expertise to repairs these defective ventilators and other critical biomedical instruments.

Eight GE iVent201 ventilators were repaired during the week of March 30 to April 3, 2020 at a cost of J$407,200.00. An estimated J$3,102,000 will be required for an additional 6 weeks of such repair works on additional instruments. A funding total of J$3,509,200 is being requested to facilitate these critical repairs. Mona-Tech Engineering Services shall provide regular reports on all works and expenditures.

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