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The JSSE is encouraging all Jamaicans to "sow a seed" into the Mustard Seed Communities (MSC) to help meet the basic needs of our special children and adults in their care. The Mustard Seed Communities (MSC) is now greatly resource-strapped and needs your help.

The JSSE and RJRGLEANER communication Group are excited to launch the "Sow A Seed, for the Mustard Seed Communities (MSC)" campaign for the disabled Communities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made life very challenging for all of us and we are very aware that it is even more so for the differently abled.

Based upon a request made to the Social Stock Exchange for the MSC, It was evident that the nature is that of an emergency, hence a special appeal for basic necessities to assist with the Disabled taken care of by the Mustard Seed Communities.

It cant be overstated that this campaign is about very urgent needs for the Basic necessities.

As the pandemic has tightened it's grip on Jamaica; the gap between needs and the available funds for operations has widened. It is against this backdrop that the campaign will be launched.

Initially the JSSE is seeking to raise $1.2M for the yearly budgeted cost of Toiletries.

Other needs include cost of Cleaning Supplies and Food for Tube Fed patients of the MSC.

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