During the pandemic onset, countless Americans have been glued to their mobile banking apps, awaiting a stimulus check deposit. Now, some are constantly checking newsfeeds for updates on if for certain there will be a next payment—and if so, will it be greater than the prior two? For author Michael Lewis, self-assessment is the stimulus check the world needs to desire.


A bank account only grows in value when one deposits money into it, and such is the case when people invest in themselves. Even so, it’s intimidating to spend money without any guarantee that anything will be given in return. The knowledge of that risk may create such anxiety that leads people to avoid investing altogether. But if no effort is devoted to investing now, reaping any rewards down the line will be impossible. The decision to invest in one’s self follows the same principle. Success is not guaranteed, but one cannot grow as a person and increase their chances of succeeding in life unless they are willing to make an effort first.

Lewis masterfully explains the importance of this fresh concept in his innovative self-help book, Bank on Self-Investment: Belief Deposited—Triumph Withdrawn, A Stimulus Check for One’s Self. In Lewis’ judgment, the global economy can be strongly rebuilt if each person focuses on constructing their personal economy—and this can only be actualized by means of fervent self-investment.

Lewis explains that self-investment involves developing good habits and a positive, achievement-oriented attitude, cultivating positive traits, gaining clarity on each personal goal, and improving each step of the way to increase the likelihood of future success.

“The use of a financial analogy sets this self-help debut apart.”—Kirkus Reviews

In Bank on Self-Investment, Lewis inventively uses investment terms and jargon to create a useful financial analogy for readers to understand his approach to personal investment through goal-setting, self-reflection, and examination, identifying resources, developing assets, and more, in order to enjoy the “dividends” one’s effort brings them later in life. Through sections using financial terms including “depositing belief,” “withdrawing triumph,” “overdrafting on your potential,” and “acquiring developmental dividends,” Lewis skillfully imparts personal anecdotes, useful doctrines, insightful points, and an actionable exercise to create a uniquely engaging and fascinating guide to acquiring lucidity on one’s goals and self-worth.

“The book is not merely a well-executed analogy; it is also filled with sensible, practical counsel.”—Kirkus Reviews

Bank on Self-Investment teaches readers about why now is the right time to start investing in themselves, what it means to deposit positive qualities, like belief and hard work, and what one can gain by doing so; how anyone can make an incredible amount of progress toward their goals by developing their skills and taking their future seriously. Essentially, Lewis claims that without self-investment, people generally run the risk of failing to improve their life, leading to missed opportunities and regrets, or worse—a lack of motivation to chase their dreams.

A supremely enjoyable, manageable, and practical book, Bank on Self-Investment wisely shows that a person is like a bank account: One has to make the initial investment—and the sooner, the better. “The earlier you start investing in yourself, the more you will acquire developmental dividends, the more time your investment will have to generate interest, and the more life-changing your results will be,” Lewis said. In today’s volatile economy and uncertain future, it’s more important than ever to conduct individualized stimulus checks and recognize the value of envisioning ourselves as investment accounts. This book provides the tools to accomplish that. Lewis’ book is available for purchase on Amazon and on his website.

Michael D. Lewis is an entrepreneur and cultural enthusiast from Jamaica who obtained a Master of Arts degree in Cultural Studies from The University of West Indies, Mona. He has striven for academic and extracurricular excellence throughout his life, always desiring to make the most of his education and talents and truly living out his book’s premise. Michael is a recipient of the Jamaica Prime Minister’s National Youth Award for Excellence and is a Greenheart Ambassador Scholar. He is a current student at the College of the Albemarle in North Carolina, where he serves as a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success—the nation’s largest leadership honor society. This is Michael’s debut non-fiction published work.

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Posted January 30, 2023
Rewards View Monetize Tip
Posted January 30, 2023

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