V. Marcia Blair shares her personal story and profound belief that God was in complete control, helping her to overcome overwhelming life challenges. Readers will follow this journey from her homeland of Jamaica to New York City, where her struggles continued, and she faced betrayal, disillusionment and illness.

Blair persevered while empowering herself by working full time and attending night school. She shares her conviction with readers, a belief that she was “CHOSEN” for a great purpose and that the struggles were just hurdles to overcome.

As this intriguing story climaxes, Blair’s faithfulness pays off as God sends her the love of her life who, along with her children, church and family, supported her on this extraordinary journey of life.

When asked what inspired the author to write this book, Blair said, “I felt strongly led by God since 2017 to write my story because it was going to be one of the ways I share my testimony. No matter how broken you may feel, there is still a way to pick up the broken pieces and color.”


V. Marcia Blair was born in Jamaica, the fifth child for her parents. She surrendered her life to the Lord at five years old and has continued to grow in faith. She has endured many physical and verbal abuses in her life but her faith in God helped her to know that with Him, there is nothing that she cannot overcome. She immigrated to America and while there were many disappointments, challenges and struggles, she was confident that God was with her. In 1995, she married the love of her life whose love is a tower of strength for her. Blair holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in Business Administration and Human Resources Management. She attended post graduate studies at the Manhattan Bible Institute. Blair is a licensed Ordained Minister of the Gospel by the Church of God, a licensed and trained International Chaplain. In addition to a lifetime passion for singing, she is also a devoted worshiper and prayer warrior.


CHOSEN: A Life Ordained and Purposed by God 

($19.49, paperback, 9781662858628; $7.99, e-book, 9781662858635).

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Posted January 30, 2023

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