There are several grants available for Jamaicans, both from the government and from private organizations. Some of the best grants for Jamaicans include:

  1. HEART Trust/NTA (Human Employment and Resource Training Trust/National Training Agency): This organization provides funding for skills training and development programs in Jamaica.
  2. JN Small Business Loans Limited: This organization provides loans to small businesses in Jamaica, with a focus on supporting women and youth entrepreneurs.
  3. Jamaica Social Investment Fund: This government-funded organization provides grants for community-based projects in areas such as education, health, and poverty reduction.
  4. Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC): This organization provides funding and support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Jamaica.
  5. Digicel Foundation: This foundation provides grants and support for initiatives in areas such as education, health, and community development in Jamaica.
  6. Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport: This government ministry provides funding for cultural and sporting events and initiatives in Jamaica.
  7. Caribbean Development Bank (CDB): This grant provides funding for projects that support economic and social development in the Caribbean region, including Jamaica.
  8. Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL): This grant provides funding for adult education and training programs, with a focus on literacy and numeracy skills.
  9. National Youth Service (NYS): This grant provides funding for youth-led community development projects, as well as training and employment opportunities for young Jamaicans.
  10. The Ministry of Education Youth and Information (MOEYI) - offers scholarships for Jamaican students pursuing higher education
  11. The National Health Fund (NHF) - provides financial assistance to eligible Jamaicans for the purchase of prescribed medications and other healthcare services
  12. The Science, Technology, Energy, and Mining (STEM) Programme - provides funding for research and development projects in STEM fields in Jamaica
  13. The Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) - provides grants for agricultural projects in Jamaica.

These are some of the best grants available for Jamaicans, but there may be others depending on your specific needs and circumstances. It's always a good idea to research and compare different grants to determine which ones are the best fit for you.

Posted February 10, 2023

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